When I started SavvyMommy.com in 2002 I made it very clear I would not accept payment to write nice things about a company or product. Ten years later, that is still very true. I didn’t need the FTC back then to make my brand relationships transparent and I don’t need it now.

But in light of changes in the blogosphere, here are five important details you should know when spending time on SavvyMommy.com:

  • There are advertising opportunities on SavvyMommy.com (email me if you are interested).

  • I have always received product samples for free from brands and will continue to accept and/or request free product samples in order to review the product online for this website, on one of my blogs or in one of my television segments.
  • I am frequently hired as an event host and spokesperson for brands. If I have partnered with a company and have been hired as their compensated spokesperson, I will continue to alert everyone to the relationship. I am very proud of the brands I partnered with and will continue to only work with brands I believe are a fit for my family. Trust me, I’ve turned down many brands over the last eight years.
  • I receive invites for press trips or events hosted and paid for by companies or PR firms.  If I write about any invitation I have accepted it will be clear I was invited on behalf of the brand but that doesn’t sway my opinion about the product, company or destination. It is safe to also assume I did not pay for meals, airfare, transportation or hotel accomodations on the press trip. And that a gift bag is given to me at the end of almost every event I attend.
  • I will not write a disclaimer on every editorial review if a product was provided for free from a PR firm or company. I have decided to ask everyone reading my editorial reviews to just assume I received the product for free whether or not I actually received a free sample or I purchased the product myself.